Your Miami Tantra Goddess


EXPLORE Tantra... EXPAND Your Pleasure Potential... EXPERIENCE Techniques to Awaken Full-Body Energy Ecstasy!!!

*Exquisite ~ *Ecstatic ~ *Electric ~ *Full-body ~ *Sensual ~ *Erotic ~ *Tantric ~ *Touch & Massage~ *Healing ~ *Awakening & Pleasure*

I'm an Advanced Tantric Practitioner & Teacher, Tantrika... skilled in the Sacred, Sensual, Erotic, Tantric Healing Arts.

I specialize in full-body Tantric Massage Rituals (The Art of Ecstatic Touch & Whole Body Worship) & offer practices & experiences ~ to awaken & expand you, enlighten & enliven you, relax & absolutely pleasure you!!!

With over 20 years experience as an LMT & in the Healing Arts, I'm highly skilled & combine therapeutic, sensual & tantric techniques, to take you into deeper, higher & expanded states of presence, connection, relaxation, intimacy, ecstasy, pleasure & bliss!!!


HOURS: Noon - Midnight (last appt. daily is at 10pm) / 7 days

*minimum 2 - 24 hrs (or more) advance notice to book your appt

*screening required

*please visit my website for detailed info before contacting me

*then click on "Schedule An Appointment" for booking

Thanks & I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Blessings, Love & Namaste'

Your Miami Tantra Goddess

Tantrika *Lesli Love*

Your Miami Tantra Goddess
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