Deep Healing Tantra Techniques - Solve PE & ED + Prostate healing

My name is Deborah. I have 16 years experience practicing and teaching True Tantra Techniques that are very deeply healing.


Many men have negative habits of fantasizing and also holding tension in their inner pelvic muscles along with their legs and butt muscles also holding tension. These are very damaging to both men and the women they make love with.


True Tantra techniques involves opening up our central spirit channel to feel deeper and with a relaxed breathing receive more of our own spiritual love descending into our body and emanating deeper feelings of pleasure through the pelvic regions.


I am certified in a variety of therapeutic bodywork modalites and also several other holistic health practices that can solve all physical health problems with all natural methods.


Yet still what I find is that the main issue is usually that the person does not know the correct method to maintain their erection and prevent premature ejaculation thus they have unconscious habits of tensing up during penis stimulation that causes a lot of contracted pains to be uploaded out of the subconscious which exists spiritually between our legs.


Our superconscious is an invisible density of spiritual light and love that downloads into our body when we learn the correct method of opening up our central wisdom channel. Deeper blessings of love can heal years of contracted muscles in minutes if a person has the correct breath movement and mental focusing.


I give deep prostate massage healings if someone is interested in that experience. I also teach the best way to massage a woman's sacred spot (g-spot) to give her a full body orgasm.


I can teach many things in a beginning two hour session. Then I send you the whole first lesson in an email so you have a written reminder of what you learned and practiced during our Tantra lesson and Tantra massage session.


The method for correctly maintaining the erection allows a man to feel his pleasure full body and multi-orgasmically with practice. Plus these methods makes a man become a healer for the women he makes love with. If a man does hold some tension in his pelvic muscles during love making then he does cause his partner damage on a feeling level...that usually takes about a day or two to fully manifest. It is a bit complicated, yet it is also very simple: a man must become vigilant and very aware of whether or not he is resisting receiving his feelings of pleasure in his body during love making; or how he is in fact tensing a little bit during self pleasuring or love making with his partner.


I received a deep spiritual integration almost 8 years ago and I have been studying with my teacher for 11 years. My teacher shows people what their spiritual residues are by assisting them in re-integrating their wisdom body level of authentic feelings to stay permanently reconnected back into their physical body. This does make a person become a living blessing as they are now able to feel the deeper feelings that most people overlook since most people are only aware on an energy level and energy is only thirty percent feeling. It is actually our authentic feelings of deeper love that includes every human feeling that we feel that creates a better feeling of pleasure along with a deep peaceful healing for the full body through the love that emanates from the spiritual connection to a source of blessings that exists in the light body of every person's aura.


True Tantra must involve spiritual awareness of how spirit comes into matter ( how heaven descends to earth) and then there must also be an awareness of being authentic and honest about our feelings while staying present (thus no fantasy) and being relaxed and allowing a surrendered breath (thus no repetitive or ritualized breathing practices). BTW these methods that I show you lead to the ability to practice wisdom sex; they are very deeply healing and the pleasure that is possible is immense and stays with you for many days afterwards.


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If you have an interest in my teachings, please send me an email message or call me on my cell phone at 818-288-4464.


Also PLEASE BE SMOKE AND DRUG FREE.  This includes cigarettes, cigars, marijuana, including medical marijuana.


If you wish to learn how to quit smoking send me an email and I will send you my how to quit smoking info at no cost.


Many blessings to you, Deborah.

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