Tantra Massage Teacher and Trained Bodyworker

Sensual Ceremony and Tantric practice have been the most powerful influence in my spiritual evolution. The practices that I have learned and make a part of my life allow me to rest deeply in my humanity... my senses, my emotions, my desires and to be generous, compassionate and awake in them. I'm definately not a "guru". I'm a passionate student and I'm here to facilitate a direct experience of the teachings I've been given. The Sensual Ceremonies that I create come from overflowing abundance and joy.

Some of my offerings:

-A soothing retreat where you receive the best of all worlds: delicious CMT style bodywork and skilled sensual touch. Have absolutely nothing required of you as you bask in your private Oasis. I'd love to share a decadent hot stone treatment and/or bath ceremony with you.
- A soulful, effective and delightful meeting where we use therapeutic applications of Tantric science/medicine to address "difficulties" (really opportunities in disguise for you expand your self love and knowledge) andexplore the brave new world of: learning how to inspire trust and openness in the women in your life, empowering your love life with education of your own and your partners anatomy and physiology, high level sensual health, ever expanding awareness of sensation and allowing yourself to live in awe and celebration your miraculous body. 

- An opportunity to delve into traditional practice where we explore energetic sensitivity and the cultivation/refinement of sexual energy through traditional yogic and daoist exercises. I provide support through take home practice and you can access the teachings I share with you through a private login on my website. I'm also available via email/phone for questions and support. I am enriched by your expansion.

These Ceremonies are available for women, men and couples of all configurations.

My practice is exclusive, private and absolutely exquisite.

I invite you to explore my website: www.sofiadelterra.com



New York
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