Massage by GoddessKrystan

Available in Norther Virginia.

"The Queen is available for private workshops & speaking engagements"

"Ask the Queen about "Temple Initiate Membership" for Serious Study."

Krystan AlecSandra-Bray "Your Trybal Queen

This Beauty is of French / Bahamian Descent. She is certified in Massage & Holistic Consulting & Therapies and credited with a healing touch from her youth.

She invites you to enjoy her very own "Heightened Intimacy Experience" Each Experience is precluded with prayer & meditation, setting her 'ego' to rest. Although highly skilled and experienced in her certifications, she proclaims such results pale in comparison to what the Universal One will provide when asked. Upon your request, she provides from her heart of truth and loyalty and her embodiment of Regal Friendship, a Genuine Tantric Experience flavored by the free flowing natural Tribal Energies that have flourished throughout her life times.

In her company, you are surrounded by the pleasantries only a true Sacred Space can provide. Each occasion is guided and enlightened by the "All & All" Collective Knower, the Angels, Masters and Ancestors. Passion and the humble commitment will place you in the care of a Genuine GFE beyond compare, totally unattached and unconditional.

"Pleasures beyond Measure" satisfies the exclusive seeker on a quest for abundant life with the strength and channeling of passionate Feminine Energy. Each of your 5 senses will be drenched in Pure Ecstasy! This experience is not a service but a gifted and shared interlude. There are no service fees or charges. All that is explored, shared and done is freely given.

Donations are suggested, accepted and appreciated as a sharing in the expenses incurred in hosting and providing the amenities required in making this "Heavenly Gift" possible, at the point of your desire. Donations are suggested according to the time shared. Give, that it may be given to you in great measure, pressed down, shaken together and overflowing in all ways from all directions. This is the Divine Law of Opulence.

Ask about the various Tantric Rituals and Ceremonies. Sacred Bath: Soul Gazing: Cleansing Pranic Breathing: Unity Dance to name a few.

General Time Options run from One Hour to 90 Minutes and up to Two Hours. 8 / 12 / 24 and 48 hours are also available. Travel companionship also considered. Remember the Angels Are Always With You... as is the Queen's Heart! Visits are scheduled by phone.

Washington DC
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