Amazing sensual massage

Greetings love,

Yes you. You, the seeker of something elusive. Something true. Something…exquisite.

Maybe you are seeking a pure Tantric bodywork experience, with an authentic Dakini, but have been falling short of an honest yet delicious interaction. For whatever reason, it just wasn't what you were led to believe it would be. Or, maybe you have had wonderful Tantric experiences, but understand that Tantra is the weaving of many different practices and you would like to learn more.

Possibly, you desire simple relaxation and escape from the mundane. You like to explore, have fun and make new connections and just want it to be easy, care free and above all, no drama. FBSM with class and joyful interplay.

Maybe, just maybe, you would like to step out of your comfort zone and try something adventurous and exciting. A journey that takes you to the edge with gentle bondage and sensory stimulation. As one of LA’s few BONDASSAGEŽ practitioners, I would love to take you on that journey.

And now...Elysium™!

A molasses slow, silky 2 hour massage that draws out your pleasure in excruciating detail. Using a combination of ultra slow strokes, Ayurvedic and Kashmiri practices, Elysium is a whole new world in the sensual massage experience. If you are looking for the ultimate in high end sensual spa bliss, this would be it.

Would you like to explore the many different ways your sensual self can be awakened and pleasured?
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Goddess of the Tantric and Sensual Arts
No blocked calls or texts please.

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Mon-Fri 10am-6pm
Some weekends and evenings are open. Please call for availability.
Please scroll all the way down for rates.

Traditional FBSM~ 30 min or longer


Tantric Bodywork and Initiation with bathing ritual~ 90 min or longer


Bondassage~60min or longer,
Gentle bondage and sensory stimulation combined with sensual massage. A truly unique experience! 90 min or longer definitely suggested.


ELYSIUM~2-3 hours

As this new and decadent technique is not officially being unleashed until November, I am offering a special rate until the end of October. As usual, you will be grandfathered in to this rate forever.


Kali Devi
Los Angeles