Sensual massage by Krystal

Allow me to drench your body in delightful and exquisite massage by taking you deep within yourself to contact the essence of your divinity and sexual nature.

Using Breath, Gracious and Loving Touch, Divine Feminine Energy and Soothing Presence I assist you in surrendering, letting go and allowing your truest Self to Emerge.

I am a Tantrika and do this work to change the Vibration in which we explore the territory of sexuality working to remind others that this is a place of Sacred Intention and LOVE.

Call me for a sensual rub down session

808 306 7829

Please be advised this is not a

F*u*l*l service!
I have an easy access location in a private home. A full shower awaits you as does sweet aromas, candle light, clean linens and sexy music.

Krystal China