Once-In-A-Lifetime Experience


Are you searching for the perfect combination of 5-Star quality massage, blended with sensual Tantric techniques from a trained, skilled therapist?

Want someone who can bring this experience to YOUR upscale hotel suite?

Let me come and pamper you for a few hours, treat yourself to a once in a lifetime indulgence.

Tantra is a practice honoring erotic energy as sacred. Highly nurturing erotic ceremonies with the massage will allow us to experience an altered state of consciousness in which our entire attention is focused on the sublime sensations streaming through the body when we are highly charged erotically.

I'm a health and fitness educator, a Fitness Model and a Certified Massage Therapist. Trained in many esoteric and mystical practices by several masters, TANTRA seemed like a natural fit for the kind of work I'd learned called 'sex magik', teaching people to shed the spiritual weight of their body - and the image that comes with it - to tap into their divine creative power, channel it through the chakras manifesting change in both attitude and reality in their lives.

My sessions combine the deep, slow, long strokes of a quality spa therapy, with the comforting allure of a sensual encounter.

Want to break free and receive a rare pampering you've long deserved? Exclusivity is highly important to me, I enjoy meeting with those who share that value; therefore I accept only a limited number of Seekers each week.

Please contact me in advance. Minimum two hour session, maximum four hours. Testimonials available on my website, Tantravegas.com

I can't wait for the opportunity to create a unique, sensual escape with you!!

Las Vegas
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