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Tantra - Sensual - Erotic Massage Therapy Blend Bodywork For Men...

Feel like a new man! My signature EXOTIC ESSENCE technique is Qi Swedish-Thai Tantra - Sensual - Erotic Massage Therapy Blend Bodywork For Men... Exotic, natural blonde, current redhead, University of California graduate, Formerly Licensed (Favoring Liberty), continuing CMT (Certified Massage Therapist), exercising High Level Internal Qigong, Tantra Practice with Gentle Kundalini Activation and Chakra Balancing, withal Advanced Food Healing. I also am an original Sapphire Las Vegas Gentlemen’s Club entertainer.


This is an encounter more than any gentleman can ever imagine... Adventure, being rapturously intense yet pleasurably relaxing, while also allowing a deep mesh feeling of increased and balanced strength, along with enhanced sexual bodhi, elevated functioning, and smoother flow of energy throughout oneself...

Erotic Massage...

Swedish-Thai style is a combination of assisted yoga stretching, and I use my “signature” conscious Swedish style Acupressure Qi strokes. This method comprises most of the session. Acupressure is related to acupuncture and has similar results. Based in Chinese Medicine, acupressure works with what is believed to be the energy lines called Meridians that run through the body to remove blockages. Blockages are believed to cause all types of ailments throughout the body. It is believed and proven through thousands of years of discovery, trial and error, that working with these energy lines can help alleviate many different health problems! Many have returned for my sessions affirming these wonderful results. The results achieved from this style can also be similar to an intricate tissue approach. Tantra Therapy is an addition to my technique that adds an enlightening element to the session, increasing detoxification results.

Erotic - Sensual Tantra Massage...

Tantra considers the entire body, encircling all energy centers (Chakras: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown). My Tantra style session also includes a unique expanded Essence Root and Sacral Treatment, amplifying sensual perception. I use Tantra style methods as part of a rare and broadened External Qi Swe-Thai sensual - erotic massage style along with other types including Shiatsu, Kiatsu, Reiki, Reflexology, Hydro, and Sports; a synergistic fusion remedy that is effectively a matter of instrumental bliss, having an exhilarating and calming impact throughout the full being.

Las Vegas Tantra Massage...

Your celestial dreams await here... Within the nakedness of natural Qi, I am very free spirited:~*plus a sweetheart! I also understand, and appreciate the quirks of the male psyche. My exclusive combination therapy is some of the best Las Vegas has to offer... Don’t miss this opportunity to experience my session!

Erotic Tantra - The Best Sensual Massage in Las Vegas...

I kindly accept donations after the session is over. Practicing individual preferences, the following is the typical gift range for my Qi sessions:

*~:Signature EXOTIC ESSENCE Tantra - Sensual - Erotic Massage Therapy Blend Bodywork For Men ~1 to 2 hrs. (~$240/HOUR or ~$210 with ailment, e.g. Heart, Diabetes, Bone etc...)

*~:Accelerated EXOTIC ESSENCE Tantra - Sensual - Erotic Massage Therapy Blend Bodywork For Men ~45 to 55 mins. (~$180)

*~:Surrender Reflexology Sensual - Erotic Massage Therapy Blend Bodywork For Men ~30 to 40 mins. (~$120)

I am located in Las Vegas and I work independently.

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