Delight in Tantric Massage Adventures


Allow me to initiate you into the sacred, erotic arts of Tantra’s Ancient Wisdom and Blissful Pleasures. Explore erotic rituals, experience new kinds of orgasmic bliss, full body orgasm, deeper relaxation, divine union and total body healing! I invite you to enjoy new types of pleasure with me.

It would be my honor to guide you as we explore techniques to prolong and intensify your pleasure and improve your love life for EVER in a consciousness that celebrates "sacred" connection and embraces creative erotic energy. I will share loving attention to expand your awareness of what is possible. I am playful, highly intuitive, deeply empathetic, nurturing, and erotically gifted muse and goddess.

Learn the art of Tantric Touch with sensual massage- first by receiving loving touch to nourish your innermost yearnings and then learn to use these same techniques to become a better giver of loving.

Ignite the libido, sacred spot/prostate massage, ejaculation mastery–solutions for erectile dysfunction, the art of self-loving, and more…

You might also explore…

* subtle energy and intimacy skills

* the fine art of sensate pleasure

* re-integrating heart/mind/body/spirit

* restoring playfulness to your erotic life

* Goddess worship/Mutual massage (with prior clients & by invitation)

* Coaching in female amrita-ejaculation for women

* enhanced sexual well-being and wholeness

* Breath work, visualization and meditation techniques

* Skills to enhance intimacy

* relationship choice, equality, and communication

* healing old sexual/emotional wounds

* Eliminating myths and programming that limit your birthright to ecstasy

I offer sessions in Energy Healing, Sacred Sexuality Coaching, and Tantric Massage. A session with me will be unique, created to meet your needs and maximize your potential----It’s perfect ecstasy extended to growth minded individuals willing to open to possibilities of integrating heart, body, mind and spirit.

*escort or surrogate services are NOT available*

Appointments: Monday – Saturday, 10am – 9pm

My schedule is generally flexible. Making an appointment a minimum of 2 to 24 hours in advance is highly recommended, yet sometimes more spontaneous scheduling is possible.

Location: Studio City, CA.

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Reiki Teacher, Intuitive, Sensual Bodyworker, Erotic Educator


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I look forward to sensational experience with you soon!

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