Healing Tantra massage

It is my deepest joy to create for you a safe and nurturing space to fall more deeply in love with yourself, your body, your senses and soul. The work I am grateful to share is about healing on all levels, it is about coming home to your most authentic and erotic space of openness, sensuality and true heart.

Using the body as the gateway to the soul my hands and healing presence facilitate you to open more fully to the joy and pleasure that you already are. Using the breath, sound, music and magic of deep and healing touch, the layers of insecurity, doubt, fear and separation begin to transform into receiving pleasure, unconditional love and a connection to the life force that has simply been hidden within. My massage work is about creating an experience for you that unifies your sensual life with your spiritual life in a way that is as fulfilling physically as it is emotionally, mentally and cosmically.

You are allowed to feel good, to feel touched and nurtured and to fall more deeply into the arms of the true self. Basic breath work, tantric technique and meditation are taught, and yoga and counseling can be woven in to any session based on your needs. I am a Certified Tantric Healer, sensual ecstatic dancer, trained at the 200 hour level in Yoga , received Reiki 1 and 2 and have studied meditation, bodywork, nutrition and shamanism. My personal path is well grounded in the intention to heal and transform thru sensual and spiritual practices so that life can more fully be lived with more joy, deeper connection and true intimacy with friends and lovers.

In my tantra massage sessions you will learn how to:
-Allow more energy in the body to circulate
-Techniques to recieve more pleasure and feel more deeply
-Expand deeper into the orgasmic energy
-Learn breathing and Tantric Technique that increases stamina, energy and endurance
-Become a better lover, physicaly, emotionally and spiritually
-Spark your life force so you live at your fullest and most alive
Allow a deepening in the heart and an expansion in all levels of being.....pleasure on all levels.

My sessions are based in bodywork, meditation and energy healing but are always intuitive to your needs and the creativity in the moment. I am open to discovering the best way to open you deeper. You will find it quite comfortable to speak with me about your deepest desires and feelings, to reveal yourself, to take the risk of being authentic and to be held in a space of true compassion for wherever you are in your tantric journey. I am a naturally sensual person and a lover of the sensual healing arts as their power to transform continues to reveal itself to me in my own life. It is my deepest joy to share these gifts with those of you looking for a depthful, elegant and beautiful experience that serves to transform, awaken and pleasure the deepest parts of your being.

Please be a gentleman or woman, respectful of the feminine, authentic in your desire to heal and taste something truly unique. In-call downtown to private, elegant location with fesh linens, unscented oils, candles, music, full massage table, private shower and bath and tastefully decorated. Outcall to upscale buildings and hotels.

No full service, or illegal activity of any kind, please do not ask or imply. Cleanliness, promptness and courtesy expected and given.
Yoga instruction can be included in any session.
I am also available in the Hamptons for Outcall only and with 24 hour notice.

Upon arrival a shower is encouraged and requested. Please do not arrive intoxicated or over caffeinated, your enjoyment of the session will be significantly reduced.

Please schedule ahead of time so that I can adequately prepare for your session and be able to create for you a truly healing and beautiful experience.

If my work is not what you are looking for or I am out of town, but would like referrals to other highly qualified tantric friends, I am happy to direct your quest to the right practitioner based on your needs.

Blessings to you on the tantric journey, may you find the truest source of abundance and pleasure. Namaste

New York