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Beloveds. Please take the time to thoroughly read my ad before contacting me. The only way to reach me is to call and leave a voice message the best way to reach you. NO TEXTS NO EMAILS. I have another career, the only way to begin contact is to leave a voice message the best way to reach you. Please leave your first and last name if you are calling from a hotel so the operator can connect us. When I am able to call you back please allow for a 30 min conversation to get to know each other and for security purposes. I check my phone hourly. Please do not begin our call with asking for rates and location. I will offer this information after our screening. I am the utmost in professionalism and discretion. My privacy is of paramount importance as is yours. Advance booking is required and same day appointments can very occasionaly happen but only with a minimum 3 hours notice. My phone can make and receive International calls.

My name is Camille. I am honored you are taking time to read my ad. I am a warm hearted and freedom loving sensualist with international experience. I'm I am Elegant, sophisticated,intellectual, all natural and exquisitely sexy.

As a certified Tantra Massuese I come with over ten years of experience working with men women and couples. Passionate about playing with sensual energy and making mind body connections with my clients. I am a lover of shedding superficial experiences and instead make connections from the heart with depth, love and playfulness. My heart and mind are equally wide open!

These sessions incorporate FBSM ,sensual energy work,Tantric Edging ,intimacy, Tantric and Taoist philosophy, breath work and sensory focused bodywork. This allows you to get clear mentally, emotionally and just experience without the mind(ego) going in a million directions. Profound. Intense. Transformational.

I have over 5000 hours of massage experience. I practice many massage techniques weaving it with my Tantric Practice. I mix a combination of these East-West modalities:Swedish, Esalen, Thai, Shiatsu, Polarity, Deep Tissue, Reflexology and Cranial Sacral.

I also blend Energy Healing work such as Reiki, Chakra Cleansing, and Rosen method with the Massage Tantra and Taoist practices and Sensual touch.

Our Sensuality is our inherent right and our gift as Human Beings. It is both natural,beautiful, healing and divine. In these sessions we celebrate and ritualize our sensuality. Never coming from a place of shame or fear.

I create a Sanctuary of acceptance, playfulness, love and gratitude.I invite you to step out of the banal and endless chatter! Away from the senseless and into your own sublime divinity.

These Sessions are good for:

-quieting the chatter of the mind and deep relaxation.Stress creates anxiety and depression and goes into the body creating illness and disease. Learn to manage this and live a healthier happier life. This benefits you and your loved ones.

-deepening intimacy

-ejaculation control and heightened experiences

-ED . we practice Tantra and Taoist techniques to strengthen Perineum and Pubococcygeus

-becoming a more balanced and productive person

-confidence in your lovemaking, expanding arousal

-clearing negative energy

- jet lag feel energized!

-suffering from sexual and or emotional abuse

-PTSD Veterans (Iraq, Afghanistan,Vietnam)

-balancing and nurturing our divine feminine and awakened masculine principles

-sacred spot massage cancer prevention

-Womb restoration for women and lymphatic breast massage. I have studied with the Divine Feminine Institute with Caroline Muir. If you are holding back in your sensual life or you are holding on to feelings of an ex relationship or sexual abuse these sessions are wonderful for getting your mojo back!

I work with Professional Athletes an individualized approach to improving stamina and performance.

My sessions are about Authentic Connection. I love this practice and this love infuses every aspect of our time together as we explore the Heart, Spirit, Body, Soul connection.

I honor 90 minute, 2 hour and 3 hour sessions and up. I DO NOT offer one hour sessions. Tantra can not be practiced in an hour. To experience full body multiple sensations and riding waves of pleasure I reccomend the 2-3 hour sessions.Dinner Dates and tour guide companionship can be possible.

My goal as your Practitioner is to be completely present with you. In order to ensure you receive my best I only see very few clients as we are mutually selective.

My service is about intimacy affection,nourishment and connection. I do not cater towards "hobbyists". I love the adventure of going on an out call and adore upscale and boutique Hotels in Seattle only I dont travel outside the city.I have a beautiful discreet incall location with plenty of parking located in Madison Park.

Consider these sessions an investment in wellness. We practive elements and techniques that will benefit you for your entire life. Each call comes with a free consulataion.


"You are an amazing woman. Went way beyond my expectations. It was like an out of body experience!"

"I was struggling with ED as well as Diabetes I had given up. After working with you I no longer have that problem and regained my confidence. Thank you!"

"As a Surgeon and Medical Professional I used to have doubts about full body orgasms but after our session I know its for real. Incredible."

In Call-Daily 9-5:30pm

Out call-Daily 9-10:30pm

Flowers dark chocolate and soy candles always appreciated

Transcendental Camille