Sensual massage by Celeste.

Welcome, To Goddess Celeste Vuitton's Palace Of Pure Cosmic Bliss. A sensual massage palace in which I, one of the most beautiful and talented ladies in the industry offer a range of upscale sensual, topless and nude massage services customized especially for decerning Women and a few select men. Being a premier destination for sensual massage I pride myself in offering a discreet, upscale and service oriented, boutique style spa experience.

I offer a Heart-Centered sensual Massage session. My treatments are bespoke, honouring each individual's Divine Nature. I welcome Women & a few SELECT men.

Renewed energy
Improved self-confidence
Stress relief
Relief of chronic aches and pains
Relief of migraines and headaches
Comfort after surgery
Reduced anxiety after a traumatic event
Relief of muscle soreness
Feelings of peace and inner wellness
Mental clarity
Ease of movement
Improved confidence
Overall enjoyment of life

Style(s): Aromatherapy, Tantra massage, Touch For Health, Reflexology massage, Reiki massage, Trigger Point Therapy massage, Chakra Balancing, Therapeutic Touch, Qigong, Kriya Yoga, Somatic Therapy, Swedish massage.

Allow me to take you on an adventure of ecstatic sensory pleasure...Awakening your body from head to toe ~~ dancing in a Cosmic Union of bliss~~ your entire body will Pulsate as you Ride the Waves of Bliss...nurtured by a Goddess giving Total Satisfaction to all of my clients. My sessions are Goddess Celeste's original rituals, especially designed for the DISCERNING client. My sessions are incredible for many reasons! One, they're an effective stress reliever, ideal for people with high tension careers. My ceremonies are a way to down shift into a slower more relaxaing space, out of the head and into the body. My sessions are about how much energy you can allow yourself to receive. My bodywork is a combination of therapeutic and holistic, as well as specific Tantric bodywork. My sessions are designed to clear any blockages in your body, due to emotional stress or physical tension, and open them!

Special Requests:

If you have special requests, please email me about this so as to see if I am able to accommodate your needs. I aim always to please my clients, whilst respecting OUR personal BOUNDARIES.

The service fee is paid BEFORE the session starts as it determines the type of service you'll receive during your stay/my visit.

You must select a service.

Erotic/Sensual Massage
30 Minutes 40 Minutes 60 Minutes

VIP $100 $200 $280

I am here to assist you and ensure that your session is a pleasant and memorable sensual massage experience.

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See you soon!
Goddess Celeste Vuitton

Goddess Celeste
Las Vegas
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