Massage by jessica

Nothing quite comes close to the relaxation that you achieve with a full body sensual massage. Comfortable surroundings, soft music, aromatic smells and the soothing touch of soft caring female hands. Total, soothing, relaxation that is so fulfilling that you may find it addictive.

Humans are social creatures and we need to have contact with other people to not only survive but to feel good about ourselves. This need is as old as life itself and very important to a healthy state of mind. Experience the ultimate soothing relaxation that is the result of a full body sensual massage.

I'm Daniela an exotic beauty with 5 years of experience. Join me in my loving session where time stands still. You will find yourself easing into deep relaxation provoked by the magic touch of my hands. My session is also very therapeutic. Whether you need to explore and balance your sexual energy or have muscle tension to be worked on, I'm here for you.