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Date of appointment : 6th Jun, 2010 Return to top

Kali has a nice studio that looks like a log cabin up on the hill and feels very zen, you better like incense. She was easy to make an appointment and very professional in talking to you. Kali is a beautiful curvy woman to say the least.


I sat on her massage table in my undies and she told me that she likes to appeal to all senses, so we started with taste. She gave me different types of chocolate and asked me to guess what was in it. So far not very sensual but interesting, I decided to go along ( I love chocolate). Next I lied on my stomach and she proceeded to give me good massage, good pressure, better than average. Half way in to it she started touching me in between my legs and asked me to turnover. At that point I was able to take a good look at her breast and they are magnificent to see and even better to touch. In her own words, touching is for establishing contact not for arousal...   Overall a good experience. However, she is more into tantra and zen experience that purely sensual. This is my only criticism I wished she had been more sensual and intimate, but that's who she is. I think I would repeat if I am looking for a tantric massage.

Number of appointments: Only once       City: Los Angeles,CA (Incall)
Scheduled for: 60 minutes       Actually lasted: 60 minutes
Technical details: Oil used; Medium pressure

Overall Rating:
4.5 stars (exceptional)
Tech expertise:
4.5 stars (exceptional)
Comfort level:
5 stars (practically flawless)
5 stars (practically flawless)