Massage reviews

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Ann has incomparable skill not only as a CMT, but she is the genuine article, a trained TANTRA Goddess. Within 5 mninutes of meeting this intelligent, personable woman, I felt like I'd known her for years. She lets the chemistry build slowly and honestly, it went off the charts in no time! My first experience was the 2.5 hour session, for the next few, I chose 3 hours so we could begin with a Healing Bath Ritual as a prelude to the massage. Worth the investment of my time and in myself. Ann brings everything discreetly in a large purse: her Jambox bluetooth speaker with a hypnotic collection of music, and her custom made lotions, potions and aromatics. This is no cookie-cutter massage, every second felt like a deep connection as she tended to my body, my spirit and my erotic imagination. For me, there is no better massage experience in the world, and I've had countless dozens in my business travels over the years. And finally, I will confess, the sessions with Ann have been THE most sensual experiences of my entire life, I continue to learn about myself and am a better partner at home because of it. William
Number of appointments: 2-5       City: Las Vegas,NV (Outcall)
Scheduled for: 120+ minutes       Actually lasted: 120+ minutes
Technical details: Lotion used; Wide range pressure

Overall Rating:
5 stars (practically flawless)
Tech expertise:
5 stars (practically flawless)
Comfort level:
5 stars (practically flawless)
5 stars (practically flawless)