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Date of appointment : 29th Oct, 2010 Return to top
Once I arrived at the Alexandria address, I called to announce that I was in the parking lot. She gave me the apartment number and off I went. Caramel opened the door in a tight fitting dress that accented her rather large top. She led me to the bedroom which was furnished with a massage bed/table in the middle of the room lit with candles and music playing in the background. The formality is similar to the other PV/Massage type places where they escort you to the bedroom, collect the donation, leave you to get comfortable, and then come back in after a few minutes. Caramel returned and started the back massage wearing just a bra and panties. During the back massage, I wanted to see how far she would go by brushing my hand on her thigh and ass as she worked on my shoulders. I didn't have any resistance, so I flipped over and continued to remove her bra and panties. While working on my front massage, I continued to roam freely all over. I took that as a good sign to dine at the Y, which was an extra tip which is pretty normal for PV settings. As the hourly was coming to an end, she got more lotion and finished with a nice HJ. At the end a i got a great erotic, Sensual massage.
Number of appointments: Only once       City: Arlington,VA (Incall)
Scheduled for: 60 minutes       Actually lasted: 60 minutes
Technical details: Oil used; Medium pressure

Overall Rating:
4.5 stars (exceptional)
Tech expertise:
4.5 stars (exceptional)
Comfort level:
4.5 stars (exceptional)
4.5 stars (exceptional)