Magnetic & Mesmerizing: Tantra Under the Care of Cadence

“We are so busy managing our lives we cover up this great mystery we’re involved with.” –John O’Donohue.

You’re busy, I totally get it. Life is asking a lot from us all the time & the hours turn to days turn to months & years.

Without judgment,

When did you invite yourself to make time to connect with your breath, allowing yourself to completely surrender expectation, control & the need to DO anything at all?

When did you last feel an electric pulse of simultaneous passion & extraordinary relaxation throughout your whole body?

When did you allow yourself to be fully caressed by warm sultry hands, steeped in a deep loving presence that accepts you just as you are?

Being available for transcendental pleasure means making time for it in our lives. It means prioritizing our well-being on every level of existence for total reattunement,

Kabir says, “Lift the veil that obscures the heart and there you will find what you are looking for.”

An invitation to you, darling dear: join me for a transformative journey of the senses with the skillful, soulful intention you seek and the profound adoring attention you deserve. Allow your whole being to be submerged in the rapture of mystery, curiosity, sensitivity, and deep awareness. Listen to the call to be at ease in all its subtleties and respond from the truest parts of yourself.

Intimacy and predictability do not go well together. Novelty is new parts of us that we bring, reveal, share. It is my intention to give you an experience that elicits new ways of experiencing yourself and the world, to solicit the fervor of aliveness that may have been a bit sleepy or put away lately.

I’m a creature governed by higher-minded dictates & heart-centered caprice. I balance my fiery passion with the fluid waters of grace and compassion, earth sensuality with the keenness of elevated intellect, flirtatious play with tranquil meditative guidance. I am not worlds away in the ethers, but rather grounded in a poetic realism. I try to use accessible and clear language so that the benefits of our time together are channeled into your everyday world for a more holistic and integrated appreciation of this precious life. You will find that I am open-minded, considerate & imaginative, and encourage seekers who share those qualities.

I'm looking forward to connecting with you!


New Orleans