Experience the Healing Art of massage.

I have seven years’ of massage experience, extensive training and an insatiable interest in our ability to heal ourselves through holistic massage practices, self-awareness and Love. I consider myself a connoisseur of touch, of all things sensual and I’m deeply connected to my intuitive sense. I offer my gifts to those of sincere interest only.

Private massage sessions with me are energetically rich, nourishing and balancing to the body’s vital and energetic systems. I weave together many elements, including therapeutic and sensual touch, essential oil therapy, emotional release work (ERW), conscious breathing, visualization, meditation and intuitive body to body movement (sensual, not sexual). Your focus is on receiving – totally allowing yourself to be present, in your feelings, without judgment and with joy.

Often times when the masculine is in the presence of feminine energy, beauty and sensuality, the tendency can be to tense, freeze or react by trying to do something (talk, touch, etc.). Instead, this process reveals how to relax and expand around your feelings, by noticing them, expressing them and breathing consciously throughout the whole experience. This is a transformational process, which will open you to greater levels of joy, pleasure, health and freedom.

Because a right match is essential, I have a screening process, so please write or call, introduce yourself, tell me why you’re interested in a session. I require identifying information from you (full name, etc.) and contact details of a practitioner who knows you. This information is only used to establish trust and is kept completely confidential. I ask that you never post private details about me, our conversations or our meeting anywhere on the Internet. I'm a private woman.

I appreciate you!