Unforgettable Sensual Massage

Are you ready to press pause on the stress and hectic rush of everyday life?

Would you like to step into a space of connection, relaxation, and pleasure with an expert guide?

Hi there, my name is Gaby and sensuality is my passion. I create a welcoming space where you can relax deeply and expand your capacity for pleasure and presence in your body.

Through Sensual Healing Massage you will be transported to the realm of your deepest Eros. Open your senses, release tension, and connect to body and heart. My sessions are creative and highly intuitive. Every session is different: An experience that is co-created in the moment.

I am a very feminine, sensual woman with a presence that is fun, grounded and loving. My touch is exquisite and finely honed through dedicated practice. I welcome you to be held in a space of full acceptance.

You can expect to leave a session feeling deeply relaxed, more open and connected to yourself and your body, and more able to connect with others on a deeper level.

About me: I am a sexual healer, an artist of sensuality, and a master body-worker. I am also a dancer, visual artist, and life-coach. I have spent years going deep into the study of healing, sexuality, sensuality and embodiment practices. I am an Orgasmic Meditation teacher and Sensuality guide. I am trained in various massage and bodywork modalities. In my work, as in life, I bring a feminine, holistic, and embodied approach that embraces body, mind, and spirit.


Message me at gabynoir@protonmail.com

I look forward to hearing from you.

Gaby Noir
New Orleans