Dakini - Initiatress of the Sacred Erotic Tantric Arts


Welcome to my Temple of Delights!

It's your birthright to experience higher love, greater intimacy and profound pleasures! It is my joy and highest honor to help you ignite and awaken your sleeping passions. Discover the powers of pleasure and become a beautiful lover...

I am a Dakini: a Tibetan muse who initiates the Temple of your Body and provides transformational sexual healing.

In ancient, enlightened times, Tantric Mystery schools revealed and practiced the sacred arts of healing touch through massage and movements of yoga. With conscious breath to clear the chakras: psychic centers in the body open, we make space for soulfully satisfying whole body orgasms!

I can help you with the power of conscious touch to remove blocks that prevent you from feeling fully fulfilled!

We'll begin with a confidential conversation to explore your personal interests, desires and needs. I'll teach you to feel more relaxed arousal so you can explore and clear channels for love... Then you will gain access to the deep, positive pleasures; in your body, heart and soul.

I offer Tantra coaching and classes including private massage sessions to women, men & couples in Central LA.,CA.

We will explore a sensual, awakening journey... My atmosphere is inviting with soft lighting, candles, soothing music and warm oils. It is sensuous and very private... an environment that promotes healing and powerful transformations! Release your tensions through massage and breath techniques that unleash your pure deep, delicious, erotic essence.

I sometimes tour the West Coast, Chicago, DC, Boston, Florida and US cities,as well as abroad, by invitation.

FOR MEN: It's my honor to guide you to expand your pleasure thresholds so that you can enjoy more! And last longer for you and your partner!! The Tantra solution to PE or ED is to learn to direct the energy of arousal so that it satisfies and nourishes you at a deeper level than just a quick come and done.

If you suffer from 'bedroom boredom', this is a breakthrough for you too! I can help you expand your pleasure thresholds so you can last longer and enjoy more!

Rather than resisting high-level pleasure out of fear of coming too soon. Tantra invokes a timeless state of bliss which can last as long as you allow yourself to relax and receive -- while feeling aroused at the same time.

In this state, a man can ride waves of intense pleasure for hours, connecting with his partner, without releasing! Once a man knows how to access this state and can relax into it, he becomes a best ever lover, each time!

FOR WOMEN: As my first [male] Tantra teacher said to me, "Your next Tantra teacher should a woman. Women can teach you things about your body that man cannot." And so I did. I found this to be true with numerous amazing women that taught me and so I continue the tradition of initiation, to help awaken the erotic Goddess through every women.

I am taking a stand to help women know themselves. Free from the darkness that shrouds her sexual magic, in the shadows of taboo. I love to help women reawaken her sacred erotic wisdom within! So she can naturally take a position of confidence and courage in her own body to share with her partner, her gifts and mysteries.

Women are magically, multi-orgasmic beings; yearning to be awakened to their full range of pleasure potential. But sadly many women have been shut down by shame, guilt and fear, locked in place by ignorance and abuse. Conscious loving touch can replace those imprints with dignity and ecstasy!

I love to guide men to touch a women with such sensitivity and respect that she can fully let go, blossom and fill the room with palpable pleasures...

COUPLES: I help couples connect deeply, by creating a safe space for them to explore discuss and understand one another. Then they can truly come together in love and in life. Enjoying prolonged powerfully energizing whole body O's, together!

For more info and to arrange for a consultation:

Contact -- http://www.MareSimone.com

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