The best Certified Massage Therapist in New York City.

licence # ma54035

Invigorating, relaxingmassage through the essence of touch...

Introducing, the most creative Art-Form Massage. A self-developed signature therapeutic massage

a combination of: Thai
Deep Tissue

As a former Ballerina, I posses the fin ness , yet the strength that requires to perform a skillful, yet powerful therapeutic massage.

I'm currently licensed in the State of Florida from a top school.(Educating Hands School of Massage). In addition, I had private tutoring in New York from a Master from Thailand. I have taken the massage,(Bodywork) to the next level; an innovative, professional, relaxing experience. Aside from being relaxed, you'll feel invigorated, loosen, uplifted, flexible, and of course rejuvenated, since my intension is to energized your body, mind and soul...Just Pamper Yourself by a professional therapeutic female masseuse.

THE ART OF MASSAGE by a true artist...

.Massage is a way of living
.Live rich fully
.Embrace Wellness
.Enhance your lifestyle
.Experience the difference

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Miami Beach