Experience Deep Healing Touch With Holistic Bodywork Session

What sets Madison Holistic apart from the rest is our unique approach to working one-on-one with our clients, paying close attention to the needs of each individual body, and offering an experience that incorporates a blend of effective therapeutic and deeply relaxing sensual modalities. By perfectly integrating strong movements with erotic touch, Madison practitioners can create a moment for your body and soul to restore and rejuvenate. We are dedicated to this feild, not just passing through. As a collective we are all educated and certified in varies bodywork modalities and take our role as sensual provide seriously. Our commitment to the sensual and healing arts is shown in our dedication, passion and integrity.

Escaping for an hour may not alter the situations in our lives that can cause us stress and tension; however, it can profoundly shift our perspective on those situations, enabling us to approach and view things from a place of balance, clarity, patience and positivity. Madison clients receive an invigorating experience that leaves them feeling relaxed, and helps them relieve the stress of their hectic lives. The Madison site is a network where you can find a wide range of services and modalities offered. With in the collective there is a variation in style and technique... while some work more with deep, firm pressure, others use a lighter and more gentler style.

We invite you to vist our site to find out more about our services, rates and pracitioners and look forward to taking you on a sensual journey that will restore and re charge your Mind-Body-Spirit.


Madison Holistic
New York