Experience tantra massage by the experts.

We are a group of skilled and certified Tantricas masseuses here to help you discover the arts and methods of Essence Tantra. Tantra means expansion through awareness, transformation through pleasure. What that literally means is that your whole being is expanded, increased through awareness of your senses, feelings, energy.

The Tantra Experience- In an intimate space, we'll begin exploring with one another. We will share our selves and begin our journey of opening the senses thru Tantric ritual--connecting us on a deeper level. Once opened, you'll receive a healing and relaxing full-body touch.Then, we will build this energy into a long, slow, and sensual experience. I teach you how to connect to me, using sensual touch and how to expand how much sensation you can feel. The goal is not to get somewhere or achieve something, but to relax into the pleasure and bliss that is already there.

Tantric Retreat