Camille Transcendental Intimacy Tantra no texts or emails call and leave vm when to reach you

As a certified Tantra Massuese I come with over ten years of experience working with men women and couples. Passionate about playing with sensual energy and making mind body connections with my clients. I am a lover of shedding superficial experiences and instead make connections from the heart with depth, love and playfulness. My heart and mind are equally wide open!

I have over 5000 hours of massage experience. I practice many massage techniques weaving it with my Tantric Practice. I mix a combination of these East-West modalities:Swedish, Esalen, Thai, Shiatsu, Polarity, Deep Tissue, Reflexology and Cranial Sacral.

I also blend Energy Healing work such as Reiki, Chakra Cleansing, and Rosen method with the Massage Tantra and Taoist practices.

These Sessions are good for:

-quieting the chatter of the mind and deep relaxation.Stress creates anxiety and depression and goes into the body creating illness and disease. Learn to manage this and live a healthier happier life. This benefits you and your loved ones.

-deepening intimacy

-ED . we practice Tantra and Taoist techniques to strengthen Perineum and Pubococcygeus

-becoming a more balanced and productive person

-confidence in your lovemaking, expanding arousal

-clearing negative energy

- jet lag feel energized!

-suffering from sexual and or emotional abuse

-PTSD Veterans (Iraq, Afghanistan,Vietnam)

-balancing and nurturing our divine feminine and awakened masculine principles

-sacred spot massage cancer prevention

-Womb restoration for women and lymphatic breast massage. I have studied with the Divine Feminine Institute with Caroline Muir. I

I work with Professional Athletes an individualized approach to improving stamina and performance.

My sessions are about Authentic Connection. I love this practice and this love infuses every aspect of our time together as we explore the Heart, Spirit, Body, Soul connection.


There is a mandatory screening process. All this is a candid and informative call to learn more about you,this practice and everything it covers. Allow for a 20-30 minute call. I DO NOT allow texts or Emails as the first form of contact for our mutual security. Call and leave a vouce message with you name and the best time to reach you and I will promptly call you back. Same day appointements are avaiable with 2-3 hours notice after the screening. I dont require your last name, referrals or a social media page.

I honor 2 hour and 3 hour sessions and up. I DO NOT offer one hour sessions. Tantra can not be practiced in an hour. To experience full body multiple sensations and riding waves of pleasure I reccomend the 2-3 hour sessions.Dinner Dates and tour guide companionship can be possible.

My goal as your Practitioner is to be completely present with you. In order to ensure you receive my best I only see very few clients as we are mutually selective.

Transcendental Camille
San Francisco