Arthurian Fantasy Goddess Guinevere. Tantra massage.

The romance of ancient lore is still alive in my heart. I am Guinevere, Goddess of Magic & Romantic Love. I have devoted myself to full-filling the pleasures of life, for what is life without pleasure? Born in England, I have the British Isles in my heart-home and a delicious English accent to match. My touch is tender and strong, my feminine essence is the elixor of ecstasy.

I stand 5'10" with a statuesque form, milky smooth skin and silky black hair. Although trained in massage therapy, I have longed for full expression of my erotic nature. I desire connection with men and women who are magnetically charged, or those who would like to be :)

My sessions are a combination of Magnetic Energies, Passion, Sensuality, Eroticism, Intensity and Intimacy

When we are within my chamber it is time to lose ourselves in each other and forget the outside world, as if it is just you and I in existence to enjoy a mutually intimate exchange.

I believe that is with a kiss, a breath or a caress that the lips are the gateway to opening up other receptors.

I enjoy seeing new seekers but my devotees always get priority.

Step into your own private legendary love affair with me, you will treasure each stolen moment of bliss!



Goddess Guinevere