Tantra massage by Persephone.

Hello, I am Goddess Persephone. Welcome to The Goddess Temple. In my chamber you will experience a deep sense of relaxation and a release of tension and stress. I will guide you through the ancient techniques of breath work, opening and balancing the chakras. Through conscious awareness and imagination I will assist you in cultivating sexual energy and manifesting your hearts desires. My knowledge base includes but is not limited to channeling energy through the sacred red ray, connecting the heart chakra and movement of energy up and out of the second chakra connecting to source. Believing in the power of the human touch, I will anoint your body with warm coconut oil allowing divine influence, as we ground each other through touch and breath. The Goddess Temple has several Chambers to choose from, each with its own sense of magic and mystey. There is no doubt you will leave the Temple feeling renewed and transformed. Offering of support is a sliding scale. Please call direct for exact details and directions. 602-956-0600 and visit our website at phoenixgoddesstemple.org. E-mail me at goddesspersephone333@gmail.com. Please allow 24 hours for response. Thank you and Namaste!!! Tantra massage.