Embrace With Energetic Sensual Touch!

I am a Mystic Sister with a spiritual order of sacred sensual healing. I use my hands, my soul and entire beings to bring you full-body-bliss.
Are you in need of a warm embrace? A soothing voice whispering in your ear what you most need to hear? I am Iris, here to gift you with an amazing hour or two. You will forget every care and feel like a lord at home in his own castle. What healing can exist without full sensual expression? I embody the love of the Goddess Iris, I am here to love your true male nature.

I also offer 90 minutes "Goddess Guide Me" sessions to teach all we know about the Feminine energy. Using my sacred body wisdom I will teach you all the mysteries of the feminine being, the unique ways that allow a woman to relax so completely with you that her bliss is inevitable (yes! You can learn how!!) "Goddess Worship" is a 90 minute session where you HONOR the Divine Feminine Form.

Believing in the power of the human touch, I will anoint your body with warm coconut oil allowing divine influence, as we ground each other through touch and breath. Allow yourself to radiate with Bliss....

Offering of Support is on a sliding scale of $204-$303...

"Step in the Power of Joyful, Bliss in our Private Chamber of Love"

Goddess Iris