Daria......your kinktress guide into seductive bodyplay


You basically have two options:

BONDASSAGE (trademarked):

Imagine a BDSM sensory overload! First you kneel, and my furlined leather restraints go on...I tie you to my table, I tease...I torment...I explore...all of you and your senses. But I weave massage strokes into the mix. I tantalize you with sensations you cannot see. There are therapuetic strokes, there are teasing strokes...there are unmentionably kinky things I will do that you cannot see and have no clue what is going on...all from the comfort of a satin sheet covered comfy table....its just what you need to relax and let go.

ELYSIUM (trademarked):

Perhaps the BDSM in a massage isnt for you. The idea of sharp objects, flogging or exploration seems invasive to your sensitivities. All the same, being tied to a table with something light...light satin scarves, sounds nice. You are open to a little sensory deprivation mixed with heightend sensory play techniques! This is so much more than just a sensual massage of the average type, and yet just not as daunting as the Bondassage experience. Tie and tease, and tease more...and more!

My rates are the same across the board. I charge for my time only therefore it is a flat rate. You can choose to purchase several hours and we can discuss dinner/ sensory play combination times. Its a flat rate regardless of activities. I do not provide services, only time...therefore its up to you how much time you wish to spend with Me!

Lets plan a fun hour or two together today! Please no rude questions or asking for anything I did not describe here via email! thanks!