Sensual massage and Tantric massage

Are you ready to have your mind blown, heart touched, muscles eased, and body zapped with the love of the Goddess? Are you a romantic at your core and swim in the pleasures of having a beautiful woman look at you with “those eyes”?

We all desire loving touch and intimacy, the kind of closeness we feel when we are with a Beloved. I offer a deep quality of sensual connection that will send you into ecstatic states of bliss. You will be pleased!

Gentlemen revel my authentic, sexy, fun-loving and powerful presence that leaves them floating out of my arms feeling confident, empowered and renewed. Your heart will be touched deeply, and blissful laughter may be a side effect.

Expect a mind blowing experience of indulgent connections, ravishing bodywork, romance and the sweet relief of being in the arms of a lady.

My “Tantric Ecstasy” sessions are a fine blend of eye to eye and heart to heart connection, interactive intimacy exercises, ecstatic breath work, inquisitive dialogue and my unique application of Tantric bodywork and Shamanic energy healing based on training I received at a very young age. I currently travel coast to coast as a professional Tantra teacher.

Delicious, powerful and transformative. That’s what they say coming out of here. You will be walking away from my arms shining like the Hollywood lights!

River Rose
Los Angeles