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I am into fbsm not fs so i have been making my way thru all the providers in NYC and that includes tantrikas. I contacted Carla Via email and we set up a time and she gave me her address. when i got there she let me into her building and when i got up to her apartment i was met by an very attractive mature woman with a nice italian accent.
i dropped the envelope on her table and we got ready for the session, more on the flip


As i had emailed her about my interests Carla led the session based on my wishes. We started the session off with breathing exercises and she coached me thru techniques that would help me to energize my sexual organs and also to help me to prolong erections and hold off orgasms.
after a few minutes of this we both got comfortable and laid side by side on her bed. as she gently sttroked my body she led me thru sensual kissing as she worked her hands all over my body , teasing the area around my unit as i got more and more excited she started to kiss my nipples and  this went on for about half an hour with Carla using her fingers , lips and tongue to tease every area of my body and lead me to the edge and back. At some point i couldnt take any more and she stroked me thru to a huge climax that made my head spin...
wow what a feeling.
after a few minutes of resting she cleaned me up and  she talked me thru the way she liked being touched. we ended up cuddling for the last 15 minutes of the session and i left satisfied.. great time and i will return...

Number of appointments: Only once       City: New York,NY (Incall)
Scheduled for: 60 minutes       Actually lasted: 60 minutes
Technical details: Oil used; Light pressure

Overall Rating:
5 stars (practically flawless)
Tech expertise:
5 stars (practically flawless)
Comfort level:
5 stars (practically flawless)
5 stars (practically flawless)