Lingam Bodywork

Enjoy the Pleasures of a Lingam Massage


Tantric, or sensual massages are characterized by relaxing exercises to control breathing and the rubbing of the entire body, which includes the genitalia. Lingam massage is a form of tantric massage that focuses on the male organs. Tantric massage has been around for over 9,000 years. It was first practiced high in the Himalayas. According to ancient wisdom, lingam massage is about female energies mingling with an empowering male energies. Normally this type of massage is given by trained massage therapists who know exactly how to move the body in order to achieve the greatest amount of relaxation. Interestingly enough, lingam massage, or any type of tantric massage for that matter, is not officially recognized by Western massage organizations.


It is very easy for couples to take part in tantric massages in order to enhance the intimate and sexual side of the experience. This can be completely different from having massage therapists whom you have never met before perform such intimate acts on you. There are massage parlors in many U.S. cities like Atlanta, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Boston, and Dallas where you can get to know your masseuse before the session.   Couples can grow together through the careful use of tantric massage and other relaxation techniques. Experts say that both the receiver and the giver should keep in mind that a lingam massage is supposed to open the energy pathways in the body through the use of pleasure responses.


Sensual massages require a large amount of openness and trust, and so it is always best that the massage therapists are known to the receiver. It will have the greatest impact if the giver is someone that the receiver is comfortable with and trusts. Learn where you can find these places in New Jersey, Philadelphia, Houston, and Chicago.


There are extraordinary benefits to all types of massage, especially lingam and tantric massage. These art forms can aid in the awakening of spiritual energy, bring about chakra activation, and ease the body as it heals from emotional, spiritual, or physical trauma. The body's ability to heal itself is greatly increased when the chakras are fully opened.


Ancient cultures also believed that lingam massage when performed by massage therapists would counteract symptoms of shyness, anxiety, low libido, and stress. Although there is currently no evidence able to support these claims, you should let your experience be evidence enough of the healing powers. A yoni massage is a tantric massage directed especially towards women. The word yoni is Sanskrit for vagina, but directly translated it stands for €œdivine passage. € Yoni massages aren't necessarily meant to arouse and cause an orgasm, although they often do, but are more aimed towards appreciation and wonder of this body part.


A lingam massage is meant specifically for men. It will commonly involve relaxing techniques for meditation and a full body massage that gets to everything. Lingam is Sanskrit for penis, as you may have guessed, and the direct translation is actually €œwand of light. € It is not uncommon to find areas specializing in all types of tantric massages no matter what part of the country you are in. Whether you are in Los Angeles, California or Manhattan, New York, Atlanta or Washington D.C., you are likely to find the best massage therapists in the world. Often, a lingam massage will be used to heal sexual conditions such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, and can also be used to increase stamina during sexual relations.


Massage therapists are specially trained to heal this area of a man's body. Doctors warn that lingam massage should not be used to replace modern medical care. Nevertheless, thousands of years have proved that massage is a viable healing form, but maybe it's best that you decide for yourself what lingam massage

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