Tantric bodywork

Tantric Bodywork

Tantric massage leaves most people feeling as if they are gliding through outer space, floating in the ethereal, where no boundaries exist and time melts away like sand in an hourglass. A tantric massage is when your entire body is massaged, with special attention paid to certain sensitive spots. The massage therapist starts by laying you down on your backside and putting a small pillow beneath your head and another pillow under your hips. The massage therapist will take this moment to slowly part your legs, leaving you eager in anticipation of things to come. All of your body will be massaged, from your fingers to your chest to your toes. The therapist will likely use a warm massage oil to help relax the muscles. Literally every part of you will be massaged at some point in the session.

Tantric massage will make you more relaxed physically, but will stimulate your senses and imagination, as the therapist pounds away at you aching muscles. In cities like New Jersey, Houston, Los Angeles, and New York, tantra massage is the hot soup du jour and everyone wants to get a piece of the profound relaxation. Tantric massage has been described by some people as doing the breaststroke through a sea of swirling flesh and scented rose petals.

Most of the largest cities in the world, not to mention the US, now have full tantric massage parlors. From San Francisco in the West to the Eastern paradise of Miami, tantra has begun to replace drugs for treating pain. This is the main reason why people in both Dallas and Boston are tossing out their Percocets and reaching for the phone book to find their nearest massage therapist.

Many people even equate massage therapists with modern day love doctors. Ooh lala! A good sex life can bring incredible joy to any part of your daily life. And that's not all! Deep down, every woman in the world yearns for the same thing: an amazing lovemaking session where the two people cease to become separate and instead merge as one flesh and one mind. A woman who experiences this will radiate positive energy and happiness for the entire day. She will lay back after sex and literally glow with the pleasure and love. Her entire world will be tainted with the sexual hue of her lover. She will be rejuvenated in both body and mind. Many unfortunate break-ups and divorces could have been avoided if only the people had known about the astounding benefits of tantric massage.

Sex should occur daily and should be a method of recharging your sensual batteries of love. Amazing sex like this will not only have both of you gasping for breath but will keep your love alive when nothing else can. Your body is like a delicate flower, just waiting, quivering in the wind, until a stamen plunges deep inside it and gushes out sweet nectar like a torrential river.

During an earth shattering love ceremony like this, the therapist will guide and nurture your body with her arm. You should experience a feeling of well being and comfort. There is no science that can do this better than your own natural brain. A good massage therapist will take you farther into the realms of sexual psychosis than you could have ever dreamed possible. Tantric massage will revitalize you in every way.

There is a fundamental difference between happiness and fun. Fun is fleeting, swept away like a shadow in the wind. Only when there is a deep, sexual, lasting connection can you really deem it to be happiness. No matter where you are in the world, or even in your own life, you can always benefit from a connection with a skilled massage therapist.

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